Cripping Masculinity: Designing Fashion Utopias is a journey into the fashion worldbuilding of Disabled, Deaf, and Mad-identified men and masculine people. 

March 10 – May 12, 2023

Tangled Art + Disability

401 Richmond St W S-124, Toronto

We welcome in the ways our stutters, dissociations, aches and pains  — alongside our genders, races, and sexualities  — greet our clothing to fashion our identities. Here, dressing becomes a practice of crip imagination, connection, and rebellion. We salute the uneven shapes of our bodies, the caress of fabric on our skin, and the metal chains with which we stim. We honor the sneakers that stare back, the shirts that reinforce our words, and the sweaters that cocoon us in crowds.

This exhibition showcases a selection of the everyday clothing and re-made garments from participants in Cripping Masculinity. The clothing and stories highlight the fashion imagination and wisdom that comes from the experiences of disabled masculinities, demonstrating how closing off access to prevailing systems of fashion and masculinity opens up alternatives that foster belonging, creativity, and desire for disability.

Here’s to the convictions and trepidations, the wisdom and frustrations, the joys and challenges, the reached for and not yet grasped.

Cripping Masculinity: Artist Talk

April 18, 2023


Crip Fashion Hacking Guide

Cripping Masculinity: Fashion Show

April 29, 2023

Urban Space Gallery

401 Richmond St W S-124, Toronto

This is our playground. This is your space. This is crip fashion utopia. We’ll meet you there.  

Cripping Masculinity Designing Fashion Utopias exhibition logo. Cripping Masculinity in two lines of pink monotype text, designing fashion utopias is in one line in black text. The background is a sulphur green.